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Snow outside my office on May 2, 2013.

Snow outside my office on May 2, 2013.

Okay….. I am going to complain.  SNOW on May 2nd?!?  Really?!?!?

This definitely is creating a lot of conversation online and around the community.  Up until today, the latest that I remember snow in my lifetime was in Nebraska on April 30.  Guess that record is broken and I am not very happy about it.

So what does a person do with the disappointments in life?  There is no life that is void of disappointment.  Today I am disappointed that after having eighty degree weather at the start of the week, we have reverted to winter with thirty degree weather and snow.  But this is not the first disappointment I have had in my life nor will it be the last.  The question that haunts me today is what to do with the disappointments in life.

Disappointments come in a variety of manner and for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes I have my expectations set to hide in regard to my accomplishments or goals and when I fail to reach those expectations I am disappointed.  Sometimes I have expectations of other people who are unfulfilled either because they are not able to or they choose not to and again, I am disappointed.  Some of these disappointments are huge and some are minor.  My response is really what matters.

I think there are two very important things to learn from disappointments.  The first is found when we reflect on what has led to the disappointment.  Is there something that I could have done to prevent the disappointment?  Is there a better way to approach the particular situation?  Is there a way to prevent a future occurrence of the disappointment?  From the reflection on these and other questions, I am able to put the event into perspective.  I may be able to change my expectations or make adjustments to avoid a reoccurrence of the disappointment.

The second lesson learned is that I must move forward.  There is no way for me to undo what has led to the disappointment.  There may be factors that are completely outside of my control.  I can spend my time dwelling upon it or I can move forward.  Since dwelling upon the disappointment does no benefit to me or others, moving forward seems to be the best approach.

DISAPPOINTMENT (Spiritual Sticky)

DISAPPOINTMENT (Spiritual Sticky) (Photo credit: spiritualchicken)


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