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English: One of the last Aerostar Internationa...

English: One of the last Aerostar International, Inc. balloons own by Guru Balloon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find it truly amazing how much laughter can lift my spirit.  I had the privilege this morning of working with a wonderful group of individuals on a project.  Throughout the morning, there was laughter.  Even though there have been two very early mornings in a row because of work and I am a bit on the tired side do to activities at night that made going to bed early impossible, the laughter this morning has caused my spirit to rise tremendously.

Life can some days become a bit of burden.  It is easy to find yourself so wrapped up in the serious aspects of life that you quickly lose the joy of living.  God did not create us to experience life as only a drudgery.  God created us to enjoy laugh as we worked along the way.  I have a picture of a laughing Jesus in front of fishing boats that I assume are on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.  This is an image of Jesus that I treasure because it is a reminder to me that laughter and joy should always be a part of life, even in the midst of work.

This morning was work at a very early time of the day.  However, the laughter made the work easier.  The laughter among those who worked side-by-side lifted my spirit.  The joy of this morning will be what carries me through this day.

So get a lift, laugh a lot today!


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  1. Laughter is a much better way to harness most of the hot air that comes out of meetings!
    I pledge to live with the lift of laughter! Thanks for the “Thoughtful” post!
    Be blessed!

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