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As a leader, one of the areas that I struggle with is keeping in perspective what are my life limits.  I am a person that has a pretty high drive and sometimes I kick into overdrive without even realizing it.  There are times as a leader that you have to do that and just need to suck it up and make it through.  However, no person can do that on a consistent basis.  So I have found that I need to strive to monitor this as frequently as I can.  This week is one of the weeks that I have been acutely aware of the limits that I have and that I must respect.

So this morning as I reflect on what I have been active with so far this week and I ponder the next few days, I realize that this is a day I would best if I slowed down and even took some time away.  God knew the importance of this so God established the sabbath.  The goal of the sabbath was to give humanity the opportunity to slow down, spend time in reflection, and experience the joys of the life that God created.  Unfortunately, the sabbath was misused by leaders of the God’s people and became a burden instead of what God had originally intended.  Today, most people are so overly committed that they cannot find time for a sabbath.  So it raises the importance of taking a sabbath whenever possible.

Today, I am going to do what I need to do to fulfill my responsibilities.  Then, I am going to honor the limitations that I have and more importantly I am going to honor the intentions of the sabbath which God established.  So this afternoon, I will probably be AWOL.

I hope that you are able to acknowledge your limits and take sabbath whenever possible but more importantly, whenever needed.


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