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Communication (Photo credit: P Shanks)


One of the most important, yet most difficult, aspects of relationships is communication.  It does not matter what kind of relationship we are talking about whether it is a work relationship, a family relationship, a neighbor relationship, or even our relationship of faith, communication is the glue that helps hold the relationship together.


There are so many aspects to communication that it can become very complicated.  A person has to be mindful of the frequency of communication, the means of communication, the words used in the communication, how the hearer may receive the communication, clarity in the communication, and the timing of the communication to just name a few factors.  It is no wonder that there is miscommunication, inaccurate assumptions and judgments.  This may be one of the causes of communication break down because people do not want to put the time or energy into creating positive communication.


Yet, without communication, there really cannot be a relationship.  So this is a skill that it is vital to develop in our lives and to continue to work upon.  The receiver of the communication, whether it is verbal or written (even texts), must seek clarification if they interpret what is being said as a negative.  Sometimes there is a need to communicate negative bits of information but often items are misunderstood as negative when that was not the intention.  The lines of communication need to be open as much as possible.  The frequency of communication between individuals must be as much as necessary to keep the relationship healthy based on the type of relationship.


Whenever a relationship is in trouble, I often find that communication has broken down in some fashion.  So to keep our relationships healthy, we must master the importance of communication and the skills necessary to generate positive communication.  This includes our relationship with the Lord.




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