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A Schwinn Voyageur GS hybrid bicycle sold afte...

Last night I got my bike out and rode for the first time in a long time.  I had to fill the tires with air and dust it off some but other than that, it was definitely ready to be ridden.  I enjoyed the ride very much and thought to myself, why have I waited so long to take a bike ride?  I used to bike a lot.  While I was on the ride, I felt so much energy and so much exuberance.  After the ride, I was very energized (and a little sore, LOL).

Today I was in thought about what brings me so much joy in riding my bike.  I think the first reason is that there is a sense of freedom and independence.  It is just you, the bike, and the road.  I didn’t put my bluetooth on so I was totally disconnected from others and the stresses of the world.  It was a freedom that I greatly enjoyed.

Another reason for my joy was the ability to see progress on an ongoing basis.  I, like many leaders and workers, can expend a lot of time and energy on a project but see minimal progress in one day.  When this happens for consecutive days (and with some projects, weeks) this can drain you of enthusiasm and energy.  With a bike ride, you are on the move and while you may be expending a lot of energy and working your muscles hard, you see on-going progress throughout the entire ride.

The third reason that I experience joy on a bike ride is because I know there are a multitude of benefits personally for me.  I know that it is a beneficial way to exercise.  The exercise leads to a burning of calories which can lead to weight loss.  The exercise also helps my cardio and pulmonary functions of my body.  So in addition to the mental benefits that are contained above, there is a physical benefit.

Bike rides accomplish many different positive benefits for me.  I encourage all of you to take the opportunity to hop on a bike and experience the joy of a bike ride.


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