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English: Mustard seeds by David Turner Februar...

English: Mustard seeds by David Turner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is amazing how just a little bit of positivity or a little bit of negativity can impact a group.  It can appear to be something so small but with time, it can make a significant impact on the group and the thoughts of the group.

This morning as I was doing my devotions, Jesus was speaking to the disciples and trying to explain what the kingdom of God was like.  He used images of something small that developed with time into something big.  You can refer to Luke 13:18-21 to see what he said.  I took two important points from what he was saying and applied them to my own life.

The first was in reference to the statement that I made at the start of this post.  Something very small within a group of people can turn out to become something very big.  This is true in regards to the attitudes within the group.  This is also true in regards to the energy within a group.  Someone with a high amount of energy can generate energy within the group.  The reverse is also possible, someone who is low on energy can zap the group of its energy.  Much like energy, enthusiasm also can be impacted by one or a few people within the group; either in a positive or negative way.

The second truth that I took from this passage was that sometimes these shifts take time.  Jesus uses the image of a small mustard seed growing into a large bush.  That process will take time.  This is important for leaders if they are trying to make shifts in energy, attitude or enthusiasm within their group.  It may take time for these shifts to occur.

The third truth that stood out to me also has to do with time.  Jesus also uses the imagery of a person kneading yeast into the dough.  The impact of that yeast is not immediately apparent but in a relatively short time, it will be noticed as the dough rises.  This reminds me that sometimes the impact by one or a few people can at first go by unnoticed but in a relatively short amount of time it can have a large impact on the group.

All of this has led me to be aware that it takes just a little bit to have a huge impact on the group.  As a leader, this is an important reality for me to monitor.


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