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English: Detour in direction indicated

English: Detour in direction indicated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One of the most needed and yet difficult skills for some leaders in the skill of adaptation.  This is a skill that I continue to work on myself and have seen some progress.  Adaptation is being able to deal with the unexpected and still achieve the desired destination.  There are many variables in life and in the life of an organization which are beyond our control.  We can plan and we can work hard to reduce the number of variables outside of our control but we can never achieve the absolute.


Today, when I arrived at the office, I discovered that the air conditioner unit for the office portion of the building was not working.  I did what little I knew about to try to get it to work but met no success.  Luckily it is a nice cool morning, unlike yesterday, and the building temperature is not very bad yet.  So I called a repair business and left a message, hoping that they will come and resolve the issue before the midday heat sets in.  However, I have a plan to adapt if that does not happen.


In today’s digital age and a world of wi-fi, there is always the option to work from another location.  I can use my laptop or my tablet to do the work necessary.  I can use Dropbox to hold the files I need.  I can use my cell phone for contacting others and being available to be contacted.  These tools assist in my adaptation.


Leaders must be able to adapt, redirect, and refocus.  Let’s see how I do today.



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