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Switch (Photo credit: pferriola)

Sometimes I find it very difficult to abruptly change the direction of my attention or my focus.  I was gone from the office at the start of this week and today is my first day back.  I have an extremely long “to-do” list and two days full of meetings.  Yet, I struggle to change tracks.  The start of the week was focused on one subject, much contemplation time, and some rest time (throw in being sick for one day so lots of bed time).  Now, I am back in the fast-paced, high demanding time and I struggle to move forward.

This has caused me to consider the value of transition time.  It is very difficult to make abrupt transitions.  That is why after being gone for a period of time, I usually try to put at least one transition day in place.  However, that is not always possible, as this week is an example.

So how do I successfully change tracks?  I think that it begins with taking time to plan.  This is true in almost all aspects as a leader.  Poor planning usually results in poor outcome and a lot of stress.  It often creates anxiety which is easily transmitted to co-workers and those who are looking to your leadership.  So as I change tracks, I need to take some time to plan out how I am going to manage the “to-do” list, be prepared for the meetings, and not feel overwhelmed.  There is also a great need to prioritize and to realize that some items might not be finished as desired.  This can also be managed during the planning stage.

Next, it is important to try to maintain routine.  If I stay on my typical routine (realizing that items might arise that impact that routine), it will help me transition to the daily track that I am accustomed to follow.  I cannot let the clock become my enemy.  I know that I have been successful in clock management due to aspects of my routine and so I need to have faith in that.

I am eager to hear what ideas you have about changing tracks.  I can always learn new ways to be more successful in this area.


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