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…Hope… (Photo credit: ĐāżŦ {mostly absent})

“Hope is a waking dream.”  – Aristotle

I ran across this quote this morning so I spent some time pondering it.  It made me think a lot about the word “hope.”  For me, hope is the key to making it through another day.  I personally gain great hope in my faith.  I believe that there is something more than what I see and that the something is linked to the God I believe in.  I believe that the hope, and something more, is rooted in the concept of love.  I believe that God created and sustains all of creation and each human being in love.  Love is the source of all life and therefore, the source of all hope.

We are to be in love and be about love.  It is when a person feels that love is missing that they lose a sense of hope.  When the person can no longer sense the love around them, then their hope is gone.  Hope does not produce love but love produces hope.

So I believe that the true dream of every person is to be in love and to experience love.  This is the dream that awakens to the hope which sustains.

With God, the dream is real and the hope is what sustains us each and every day.  The reason I believe this is because God is love and love is the source of all hope.


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