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As I shared yesterday in my post, I am in the midst of a project to reduce the accumulated items in the basement.  I am pleased to report that much progress is being made and it might be completed sooner than I had originally thought.  Yesterday I ran across a lot of boxes containing bits of pieces of memorabilia and pictures from my past.  This morning I have been in thought about how my past has shaped who I am today.

There have been significant events and significant people which impacted my life and who I became.  As I read cards that were received on milestones in my life and as I encountered pictures taken at significant events in my life, I was very aware how easily I forget those influences.  I forget how words written to me helped me discover new directions in my life.  I forget how the guidance of not just my parents but of aunts, uncles, siblings, community members, friends, and fellow believers has helped me choose paths that has brought me to where I am today.  It tells me that I am not just the product of my own efforts, beliefs, goals, and thoughts but that those very items have been nurtured and impacted by the people and events of my life.

All of us are shaped by those individuals and moments of our lives.  Sometimes those can shape us in negative ways and other times they shape us in very positive ways.  We also are not locked into the shape that has been created.  We always have the opportunity to remold ourselves by choices we make and actions we take.  However, I find a lot more positive shaping than negative shaping in my life. I also have learned that it is important to recognize any negative shaping that has occurred and deal with it in a way that neutralizes that shaping.

The other revelation that I had through my process yesterday was realizing how important it is to take down those boxes, open them up, and examine their contents more often.  I can honestly say that many of the boxes containing these valuable treasures have not been opened in over ten years.  My eyes have not gazed upon those pictures often enough.  My mind has not captured those words written and expressed often enough.  I have failed to take enough opportunities to be grateful for those people and events that have shaped my lives.  These are mistakes that I am vowing not to make again.



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