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Lombard Street

This month I have decided to make the attempt to switch from using Microsoft Outlook to all Google.  So I have set up all my email to go to my Google account.  I have set up an extension that allows me to keep track of my task lists and sync those lists with my Android phone.  I have moved all my contacts to my Google account and am in the process of updating and checking accuracy of the contact information.  I am spending the month of July trying to utilize Google alone and ensuring that I am not going to miss any of the features that I used regularly with Outlook.

Whenever you make a transition like I am trying to make this month, there is always a learning curve.  It takes time to learn the shortcuts, the correct codes, and the steps to achieve what you are trying to achieve.  I think this is true whenever you make a transition.  Transitions in work contain a learning curve.  Transitions in where you live has a learning curve.  Transitions in relationships have a learning curve.

This is why I feel it is so important to remain open to learning.  Someone once told me that learning is a life-long experience.  I could not agree more with that statement.  I do not believe I ever want to stop learning and I am pretty sure that it would not be possible unless I lived in complete isolation.  As life seems to continue to accelerate in pace, the importance of learning is re-enforced.  The challenge is that at such a quick pace, the amount of time you can take on a learning curve is greatly reduced.  However, it is vital even at a fast pace to allow for that learning to take place.

So I will continue to explore and learn how to utilize Google in a better manner.  I will also continue to always remain open to learning in all aspects of my life.



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