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learning (Photo credit: Anne Davis)

Today I am reminded of the great value of learning.  My thoughts begin with conversations in which I participated in last night.  One of the members of the group shared some insights that triggered potential opportunities in my mind.  Then again this morning, I was having coffee with my regular coffee buddies and  learned some information of which I was unaware.  As I have reflected on these conversations, I was struck by how I continue to learn in all types of settings.  That reality excites me.

An old saying comes to my mind:  “You are never too old to learn.”  I feel so blessed that I have the ability to continue to learn.  I also feel blessed that my fear in asking questions has reduced.  Maybe it is because of maturing, but I have found that I no longer have quite the level of fear that I once had when asking a question.  I no longer seem to be afraid of being considered less intelligent because I ask a question.  In fact, I have come to realize that I lack wisdom when I do not ask the questions.

I also have a higher comfort level in stating when I do not know something.  Again, it is probably because life has taught me that there are things in which everyone lacks knowledge.  With all the resources now at our disposal, both human and digital, there is always opportunity to find answers.  I find that listening to others and hearing input from various perspectives helps me to grow exponential in my knowledge.

This applies to my faith questions as well.  Faith is a very complex human understanding.  Faith has so many components and is impacted by a wide variety of experiences and concepts.  I always tell others that questions are a very positive way to grow your faith.  I greatly enjoy engaging in faith discussions with others.  I find every time that I do, I learn and my faith grows.

I am grateful to the Lord for giving me a mind to think and learn.  I am grateful to the Lord that learning never ends.  I am grateful to the Lord for questions and for the knowledge shared.

What will I learn today?


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