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Today is my last full day in the office before I take my annual trek to the State Fair.  For me, this always signals a shift in life.  This shift has multiple aspects but the reality is that a change is coming.  So as I sit at my desk and before I dig into all the details that I need to have taken care of before I am out of the office for a week and a half, I spend some time contemplating the shift.

First aspect of the shift is in regards to my blog posts and my perspective.  My intentions is to continue to post from my tent at the fair.  Now intentions are good but it is the follow through that matters.  I need to be very honest, I am making no guarantees regarding the frequency of my posting but I will give the effort.  I would like to find something each day at the fair to focus upon and use that as my basis for my blog post.  Time will tell on how successful I will be in this effort.

The second shift is in regard to the pace of life.  This summer has been a pretty relaxed and regenerating pace.  There have not been endless days of activities.  However, when I return from the fair, all of that will have changed.  School and community activities will be back in full swing.  Activity around the office will become faster pace

English: A view of the Grand Concourse at the ...

English: A view of the Grand Concourse at the 2009 Iowa State Fair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.  Activities in regards to the church will be at an increase.  I will have more meetings and more activities in my life.

The third shift will be a shift in the season.  For me the State Fair marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  Temperatures will begin to change.  I will be attending football games.  The length of daylight will have a noticeable reduction.  The colors of nature will shift from deep greens to reds, yellows, and oranges.

All of this is both exciting and somewhat sad.  I do enjoy the increased outdoor activities of summer.  I enjoy a more laid backed approach to most aspects of life.  But I am also one that thrives on changes and shifts so there is excitement in the air for me.  It is time for a shift.  The shift brings new opportunities while at the same time some of the old familiar returning.  Bring on the shift!


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