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So yesterday I was talking about getting caught up.  I am happy to report that I was successful yesterday in taking care of all the details that had piled up.  Now it is time to get back into a somewhat normal routine.  Summer is officially at its end since school started back in session today.  This means that I am moving into my list of fall activities, tasks, and responsibilities.  There is something comforting about routine.

I think that routine provide for me some stability.  I am sure that like many of you, life can become extremely hectic.  Summer provides an opportunity to be a little more laid back about life.  Routine also allows a little more laid back approach in the sense that you can know what to expect and what most days will hold for you.  Now, that does not mean there will not be interruptions and unexpected events pop up.  However, for the most part, a routine provides a path that is often


workout-routine (Photo credit: Tier 1 Leadership)


I am truly a person who likes change and new experiences.  However, I have come to realize that I also find value in routine.  For me, it is not an either/or situation but more of a both/and.  I enjoy when the routine is shaken up or becomes relaxed.  I enjoy when new opportunities present themselves.  But I also enjoy the stability and dependability of routine.  I need both.

So today, it is back to a routine.  Well, at least until, a change or new opportunity comes my way.


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