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The maze of Longleat House

The maze of Longleat House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever had one of those problems that seemed to reach a dead-end?  Yesterday I had one of those problems.  I found out that there was not enough material to finish a project.  The material that was needed was not ordered and stocked.  However, I was not aware of the lack of material until coming to the very end of the project.  So it appeared that the project had hit a brick wall.  I directed the person working on the project to do what she could with the material we had and that the rest of the project would just have to be abandoned.  That was the only solution that I found available late yesterday afternoon.  But wait……  This morning, as I had a new perspective on the situation, I thought of another solution that would allow the project to be finished.  By using a different material and a slightly different approach to the project, the project could be completed.

This situation reminded me how important it is to remember that often there is more than one way to handle a situation.  Yesterday I was not in the right mindset to be able to look beyond the one way that had always been used for the project.  (See yesterday’s post.)  In my thought process yesterday, the project would have to be left uncompleted because the materials had not been ordered.  It is amazing how time away from the situation and a completely different mindset can produce a much different result.

In addition to reminding me that I have to look for multiple approaches to a situation, I was also reminded how important it is to walk away and get a different focus.  Now some situations demand an immediately solution but in most cases if you are hitting a brick wall in determining a solution, you can walk away, focus on something else and then return.  That is what happened to me.  I had an evening out of the office and time to focus on other aspects of life.  This morning a new approach presented itself without me even having to think about the original problem.

So when you hit the dead-end, remember that there is usually more than one way.  Go looking for that other way.


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