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A positive attitude changes everything.

A positive attitude changes everything. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

Over the last few months I have had an ongoing conversation with a friend regarding a positive versus negative attitude.  We are both part of a group that struggles with this at time.  What I have found is that as he continues to push the importance of a positive attitude, I am guarding to have a positive attitude as well.  It seems to be a contagious situation.

This contagion works both ways, negative attitudes can create a negative atmosphere in a group; positive attitudes can create a positive atmosphere in a group.  I have also discovered that the size and intimacy of the group can magnify or lessen the contagiousness of attitude.  The larger the group and the more surface the relationships are, the less impact a few attitudes have on the whole group.   It is also very easy to become negative when things do not work exactly how they are planned or when personalities create conflict.

All of this has led me to commit myself to be a positive contagion in any group which I am leading or of which I am a member.  We all know that positivity leads to productivity while negativity leads to stalling or backsliding.  I am not saying that we all should become a Pollyanna.  Challenges will arrive and need to be dealt with honestly.  However, we can look for positive resolutions and we can maintain positive attitudes throughout the challenge.

So now I encourage each one of my readers to be positively contagious!



Posted September 6, 2013 by thoughtfulbeliever in Community, Experiences, Life

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