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This morning, I awoke to temperatures in the 50’s.  It was a great change from awaking to temperatures in the 70’s in the early part of the morning before sunrise.  During my walk with my dog, I actually had to wear long pants and a sweatshirt but I did not complain.  It was also very nice for the both of us to return to the house without being sweaty.

This change in weather (much more like autumn) had me thinking about refreshing changes in life.  There are always times in life when a change is desperately sought and needed.  Some times it can be a change in location.  Other times it might be a change in employment.  Still other times it might just be a change to some routine or scheduling.  It always is refreshing when these needed changes come our way, just like the weather change I experienced this morning.

With that being said, I will be experiencing a short and refreshing change in location next week.  I will be attending a conference where I hope to explore changing concepts in the organization with which I work.  I will also be in a different part of the country with much different scenery and activities.  So my desire is that these experiences will be a refreshing change for me and re-energize my work.  I will probably not be posting any blog posts next week but who knows.

If you are seeking a refreshing change, I hope it comes soon.  I am sure when I return, I will have plenty to share about my refreshing change.

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