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Uncle Rog and Aunt MarleneLast night I received the news that one of my uncles had died.  A few short weeks ago we had received word that he was diagnosed with very extensive and aggressive cancer.  My heart has been saddened by the news.  I am sad for my aunt and cousins because of the absence this will now create in their lives.

Since I graduated from high school and began my life as an adult, I have not seen my aunt and uncle as much as I used to as a youth.  There were occasional times that I would run into them when I was around home.  There were special events like weddings and funerals that I would be able to see them.  But I have not honestly spent much quality time with them.  So this has caused me to speculate why the news of my uncle’s death has impacted me in the way that it has today.

As I reflect this morning, I think that the reason I am impacted is because of the memories.  When I was younger, I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle’s home.  I usually would spend a week or so in the summers at their house.  Many times if my parents had to be out-of-town, I would stay overnight with my aunt and uncle.  I have tons of memories related to those times in their home.  We also would often stop by their house whenever we were in the town in which they lived because they lived in a community that was near to ours.

One of the things that I will always remember about my uncle is his grin and laugh.  His laugh was infectious.  It was boisterous.  You always suspected that there was some mischief associated with his grin and his laugh.  He liked to play jokes on people and to kid around.  He was a lot of fun.  However, I would also say that when you saw his serious look and heard the deeper tone in his voice, he could be a bit scary.  I tried my best to stay out of trouble with him.  Yet, he was quick to forgive, at least toward me.

A treasure of life are the memories.  I often tell others who have had death in their family to be sure to share the memories and the stories.  I truly believe that it is in the sharing of the memories and the stories that a portion of our promised eternal life is contained.  Our loved ones live on in our memories and our stories and therefore, our hearts.

I am thankful for my faith during these times.  Because of what I believe, I am certain that life does not end with the last breath of a person.  I believe that we live on and that life as I understand it now transitions into the glorious eternal life.  This is what I believe and what I offer to my family at this time as we grieve the death of our family member.

Thank you for the memories Uncle Rog!  You will live in my heart as I remember.


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  1. Amen…. Others memories are so very precious as they seem to round out that person we are missig so much. They seem to fill in around our own memories and give an even greater essence to our loved ones life/personality while he was still here……

    Kinser Connie & Jim

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