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Partners 11/11/11

Partners 11/11/11 (Photo credit: dianecordell)

This morning during my devotional time, I read of a church in France.  This church provides a grocery store for residents of poor neighborhoods at the foot of the French Alps.  The writer of the article states:

“Each week they prepared themselves to give, and now they realized that they were coming to receive as well!  Through reading the Gospel, they understand that they are not different from poor people who come looking for food.  Like them, they are lacking many things.  It is not a case of “them” and “us.”  All are human beings in need of something, all waiting for a presence, all hungry — and all promised to be filled.”

This spoke to me on two levels.  First the realization of the sameness among humans.  The divisions are not there.  We are all in need of something.  While our needs may be different, we all have needs.  We are all looking for that which will fill us.  We all have some incompleteness within us.

The second way this story spoke to me was in how I respond to others.  Instead of viewing those around me as the ones that have a need that I am to fulfill, I need to realize the mutuality in needs that we share.  Instead of thinking I am to go in and offer others a nice package of “goods,” I am to be present with them and to walk with them.  In the walking together, we can share things with one another that will fulfill both our needs.  It is more of a partnership than a giver/receiver situation.  I need to be open to what others share with me.


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