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Color galaxy

Color galaxy (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Have you ever taken a glass of water or other clear liquid and added a drop of food coloring to it?  Almost immediately you can watch the color move through the original liquid and it starts to make that liquid become the same as the food coloring.  One drop will only cause a change that leaves behind a tint of that color but no matter what, the original is changed.  So naturally if you add more drops of food coloring, the liquid becomes even darker in the color.  Overall, it does not take a lot of drops before the original liquid is now completely that color.

This imagery came to my mind as I was thinking today about how attitudes can impact others.  If you encounter someone who is having a bad day and spend any time chatting with them, it is like adding that first drop of food coloring, you are impacted by their attitude.  The counter is also true; if you encounter someone who is very upbeat, you are impacted.  They say the most contagious thing in life is a smile.

All of this has led me to once again realize the impact and power behind my attitude.  My attitude can infiltrate the lives of others who come into contact with me on a given day.  My attitude is like that drop of food coloring.  I have also realized how I can be impacted by the attitudes of others.  It helps me to be mindful of that reality as well so that I strive to not allow the negative drops to infiltrate my life too deeply.

So what color are you bringing into the lives of others?  Remember, it only takes one drop before changes occur.


Posted October 10, 2013 by thoughtfulbeliever in Christian Living, Experiences, Life

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