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Basketball (Photo credit: mvongrue)

Today as I was looking over some national news stories, I ran across a story about a young man who will be playing basketball for the Florida Gators.  He has been very successful playing high school basketball in Georgia.  Last season he averaged eleven points per game.  Now this may not seem like a highly unusual news story because there are hundreds of young women and men who are successful in a sport in high school who go on to play for a university team.  Many of those young people have a higher scoring average than Zach Hodskins.  However, few of them have a challenge like Zach which must be overcome to play basketball or any other sports.  Zach is missing his left arm from the elbow down.

As I read Zach’s story, it had two major impacts on me.  First, like many similar stories of life, it helped me regain some perspective on my own life.  There are some challenges that I am facing much like any other week.  It is easy for me to become frustrated or even fearful of these challenges.  It is easy for me to want to throw in the towel and not even try to face these challenges.  However, these challenges are no greater, and probably far less, than the challenges that Zach and many others like him have had to face.  Zach has not let the challenges become a stopping point for him.  He has worked hard and become successful in an area of life that he loves.

Second, this story reminds me that challenges are just that.  Challenges do not have to be a wall in life.  Instead, challenges can help us learn to adapt.  Challenges can help us to improve.  Challenges can help us to determine what truly is important to us and where we want to arrive.  Challenges are there to be overcome.

Overcoming challenges requires a high level of commitment.  You have to truly be committed to whatever you are doing if you are going to have the stamina to push through them.  You also do not have to face challenges alone.  As a believer, I know that the Lord is there beside me as I deal with the challenges I encounter.  I also know that the Lord places individuals in my life that will walk beside me and even guide me through these challenges.

Thank you Zach for sharing your story.  Thank you Lord for drawing this story to my attention so that I may truly learn from this young man.


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