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One of the most difficult challenges that can exist for leaders and organizations is the struggle between perception and reality.  Sometimes

English: Object of perception in psychology

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perceptions are accurate and align with reality.  Frequently this is not the case and perceptions are not close to reality.  Humans have a tendency to take a small bit of information and extrapolate  from that small amount what they perceive to be the whole.  This is when many times perception and reality become misaligned.


When this occurs, the challenge for the leaders of the group is to sort out between what are accurate perceptions and knowledge, and what is solely perception without a basis of facts.  Why this is so important is because the approach to dealing with the situation is different if you are dealing solely with perceptions or if you are dealing with realities.  If unsubstantiated perceptions exist, the leader must devote time and energy to providing information and knowledge to help others adjust their perceptions.  If there is a situation based on realities then there needs to be adjustments by the leaders to address the situation.


Perceptions can be one of the most difficult things to adjust.  Many times when accurate information is shared with individuals, they may still be reluctant to adjust their perceptions.  The longer a perception exists, the harder it is to adjust.  In addition to the length of time a perception has existed, there are many other factors that influence the perception.  Some of these can include an individual’s experiences in the past, the personalities involved, the impact that an adjusting of the perception will have on the person, and the willingness of the person to accept the new information being presented.


Throughout time people have struggled with this challenge of perception versus reality.  One prime example was when most of humanity perceived the earth to be flat.  It took a very long time and the presenting of a lot of information before people would adjust their perceptions that the earth was round.  Or what about the debate regarding the earth revolving around the sun or the sun revolving around the earth.  People were kicked out of the church during these battles of perception versus reality.


The battle between these to aspects of life will not go away.  Leaders and organizations will continually have to engage in this conflict.  So leaders must continually work on providing information that will help people for


accurate perceptions.



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