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English: Autumn approaches The leaves on these...

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This fall I have noticed how the leaves on the trees have changed colors at different rates.  Some of the leaves on some trees are still green, others are different colors of orange, red and yellow, still others have already fallen to the ground and the tree is bare.  Since I am not a biologist, I have no idea if this happens every year and I do not notice it or if there is something unique about this year.  Either way, this observation has led me to think about how people change.

It seems that I am always in the midst of change in organizations which I am a part of and some for which I provide leadership.  I strongly believe that change is just a normal aspect of life.  In fact, I believe that just being alive means that you are in the midst of change.  Each minute of each day is different in some way than the minute that was before it.  I have also noticed that some people deal with changes easier than others.  In some cases an individual may respond to change differently depending on what the circumstances are around the change.

All of this brings me back to what I am seeing in the trees this fall.  Like the trees that still have green leaves, some people are slow to make change.  When I look at the trees that are already brilliant in color, I am reminded of those people who accept change and seem to thrive in beauty because of the change.  Still other trees have leaves near their tops that have changed colors yet the ones nearer to the ground have not; these remind me of individuals who may accept change intellectually but have not incorporated the change in the whole of their lives.  The trees whose leaves have changed and are now bare because those leaves have already fallen to the ground remind me of people who accept change rapidly and have already moved into a different cycle of their lives.

This being said, I am reminded by the changing leaves on the trees to be mindful of the different rates in which people change.  Just as the trees are individual in their change of color, so people are individuals with different rates of change.

English: Oak trees in autumn, Upwood These are...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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