Seeking Warmth   Leave a comment


(Photo credit: Rachel Elaine.)

Today is one of those rainy, cool fall days.  It is like you can feel winter in the air.  It reminds me that it will not be long and the wind from the north will be blowing and I will once again experience those chills that go directly to the bone.  So this has brought to mind my gratitude for warm office spaces and a warm home.  I am thinking about being wrapped up in one of my many blankets and just wanting to stay in that warmth.  (It also means it is a lot harder to get out of a warm bed in the morning.)

Sometimes our spirits can experience the chills of life.  Events occur or situations arise and they bring about a chill to our very spirit.  These chills are not resolved by turning up a thermostat or wrapping up in a blanket.  They require a much different kind of warmth.  At times, that warmth can come from other people.  Others in our lives, friends, family, co-workers, can say something or do something for us and it replaces the chill on our spirit with a warmth.  On different occasions, the warmth needed is provided by an action which we take.  We might help another person or act in a way which benefits others and our spirit feels the warmth produced by that activity.  Still, another opportunity for us to experience a move from chill to warmth of our spirit is when we encounter the Lord.  We can take the time to interact with the Lord and the Spirit is the one that warms our Spirit.

So if you are feeling a chill upon your spirit, seek out a way to warm up your spirit.  Interact with others in some fashion.  Take the time to engage in conversation with the Lord.  You may be surprised how a warm spiritual blanket will wrap around your own spirit.


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