You Know You Are Getting Older   3 comments


You know you are getting older when………

  • Your high school teachers are beginning to die.
  • Snow loses its appeal.
  • Winter is becoming a time that you should be somewhere else.
  • Your body has a new set of aches each day.
  • It takes a lot more work and time to remove unwanted fat.
  • People continuously seem to be seeking your advice.
  • You have to stop frequently when going from room to room because you have to think about why you are changing rooms in the first place.
  • Quiet becomes the best sound you hear all day.
  • You wish there was more time in your day to read.
  • You start a conversation with, “When I was younger…..” more frequently
  • Most kids that you coached, had in youth group or helped in school are now having kids that are the same age as they were when you coached, led youth group or helped in school.
  • An exciting evening is a glass of wine, a warm blanket, and a good book.

I am grateful for most of the changes that come with an advancing in age.  It is amazing how life continues to move forward and changes continue.  Sometimes you have to stop and realize how you change through those life changes.

I would be interested to hear what others might at to my list.


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3 responses to “You Know You Are Getting Older

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  1. You know you are getting older when all the things on that list, except maybe the aches and pains, are OK because they’re at least substituting for something else you got rid of. Like, at some point everyone should figure out that snow is at best a mixed blessing. And if you have to sink to this level of rationalization, you can be grateful that you have pounds to shed; you’d be worse off if you were struggling to maintain weight. I should wear my “old guys rule” t-shirt.

  2. Yessssss. Now that you mention it, I do believe I have/am experiencing these things! And when I realize this AND get over my surprise, it’s OK…I’m enjoying the sit down and reading time. Never used to understand the “old folks” talking about their age related health problems…uggggg now I understand never been this old before so don’t know whether to worry about the problem or just relegate it to getting old”er”. Lol

  3. You know you are getting older when you start getting the point much sooner than you did when you were younger

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