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English: Ear. Good for listening.

English: Ear. Good for listening. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I continue to learn the great importance of improving the skill of listening.  I think that this is a skill that almost every person needs to continue to improve upon.  I find that as a leader, the importance is magnified.  Either way, I am not sure that many people really make much of an effort to strengthen their ability to listen.

Let me be clear about how I understand what it means to have the skill of listening.  For me, it is more than just the ability to receive sounds and through those sounds identify the words that are being communicated.  Unless a person has some type of hearing impairment, this skill is one that a person obtains early in life and uses on a regular basis.  However, I find the skill of listening to include much more than this simple definition.  A person with strong listening skills will have the ability to hear what is being said beyond the words.  Some of the ideas being shared are found in what words are not used.  Listening requires a person to read the body language, the tone fluctuations, the changes in volume, the places where emphasis is added.  There is a bit of “reading between the lines” which becomes necessary. This type of listening skill requires much time and practice.  It is a skill that is not “just picked up.”  A person must truly make an effort to develop this skill and to practice it regularly.

There is another type of listening skill that I also must work on as a follower of Christ.  This skill involves using my spiritual ears.  In some ways, this skill development is even more difficult than the one I described above.  This skill requires spiritual growth.  If I am going to hear the words of the Lord, I must be using my spiritual ears to do so.  In order to have spiritual ears, I need to work at becoming mature in my faith so that my spirit can become more in tune with Christ’s Spirit.  The whole thing is a process and much like the physical listening skill development, it requires time, effort, and continual practice.

So my prayer this morning is, “Lord, give me ears to hear.”


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  1. Important skill set in our role as mediators

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