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Alabaster Sins

(Photo credit: Washthebowl)

This week I seem drawn to prayer more so than other weeks.  As I was sitting in my office this morning, I was thinking about today’s post.  There were so many topics that came to mind but the one that seemed to reoccur was my need for prayer.  So I decided to share this prayer with all of you:

Lord, I pray that you give me the courage to lead.  Many times I feel that the situations facing me are too overwhelming.  I question how I will be able to lead the people who you have entrusted to my care.  How do I help them find ways of living in meaningful and positive relationships?  How do I help them work through their differences and find common ground?  There seems to be so much disharmony.  It appears that behaviors are antagonistic and divisive.  As problems mount, relationships strain and so many view breaking relationship with one another as the solution.  Words are said which are hurtful and destructive.  Plots are generated.  Troops are rallied.  Sides are chosen.

Then Lord, you remind me that you have called and equipped me to be a leader.  This is not based on any great ability that I have or any great wisdom that I possess.  This is based on the fact that as a leader devoted to you, I am led by you.  The situations that are being faced are not dependent on me but upon you.  You have promised to give me words when I need them.  You have promised to give me ideas when they will be beneficial.  You have promised to help me listen better when that is the right course of action.  You have promised to provide solutions that I am able to assist in implementing.  So I pray that you help me do a better job of following you and in so doing I will be a much better leader.

Thank you Lord for reminding me that this is not about me but all about you!  Thank you for granting me your wisdom.  Thank you for giving to me your strength.  Thank you for calling me back to your feet so that I may learn.

So my prayer this day, Holy One, is that I may sit at your feet, follow your path, and lead as you teach me to lead.  Help me to keep my focus upon you and provide the way for others to turn their focus to you.  Help me to be an example that others may choose to follow as I follow you.

In Christ’s name.  Amen.


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