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Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle. (Photo credit: elvis_payne)

I have come to learn a very important fact of life….  sometimes the way that you deliver a message has a great bearing on the way a message is received.

One of the difficult tasks that a leader must perform is communicating information to a person or group of people which may cause great angst, anxiety, or even anger.  As a leader, I always struggle with this task and I often wish that there was someone else that I could send to deliver the message.  However, there are times when only you are the appropriate person to be the deliverer of the words.

Whenever I face such  a situation, I start by sharing it with the Lord through prayers.  You notice that I used the word prayers because I lift the situation to the Lord multiple times before I need to share whatever potentially troubling information must be shared.  My next step is to seek others to pray that the Lord will give me courage, wisdom, and the correct words when the time arrives.  One of the reasons that I rely on prayers is because I cannot think of any person who was as adept at delivering information that my Lord, Jesus.

My next step is to think about how I am going to deliver the message.  I have learned that choosing the location and timing is an important part of the delivery.  I must be mindful of events leading up to my conversation.  I must strive to choose the proper setting for sharing my words with the individual(s).  Then I must choose what words to share.  These things are so important because it impacts how the message is received.  The same message can be delivered without consideration to these details and could result in a very negative response by the receiver(s).  However, if I take time to consider these details, while the message still may be disturbing to hearer, the words may be better received.

Time spent on creating the message is important.  Time spent on determining the delivery is just as important.


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