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Icy Road

Icy Road (Photo credit: LisaW123)

Well, it is clear that winter has made its debut in the Midwest.  Over the last week, we have seen plenty of snow and ice.  While my area missed the snow last night, there are other locations that have not been so lucky.  Either way, there is still is snow on the ground and some packed snow on the streets.  I have spent most of my life in the Midwest and so snowy and icy roads are not something new to me.  I can clearly state that icy roads and sidewalks are by far my most hated aspect of winter.  Besides the obvious safety concerns that are associated to these conditions, I think the other reason that I dislike icy surfaces is because they cause me to have to slow down or even restrict my getting from place to place.

Today I feel like me whole day is filled with icy surfaces.  As I mentioned above, this is not a reality since we did not even receive the snow last night.  However, I want to use that imagery to describe how my day seems to be progressing (or not).  I feel like I have no traction today.  I have a sense that I am spinning my wheels and not making any movement forward.  In fact, it may be more accurate that I am slipping behind, or at least to the side.  Now if you have ever been on icy surfaces, you know exactly what I mean by these images.  So what to do about all of this.

When I am on an icy surface, I slow down, sparingly use the brake, and try to turn the wheels in the direction that I am sliding so that I can regain control.  As difficult as that may sound or prove to be, it is more difficult for me to regain control of the progress of a day when I feel I am slipping through the day on ice.  So I have decided to take a bold step.  I am going to turn control of this day completely over to the Lord.  I am going to let the Lord decide what gets accomplished and what is left for another day.  I am going to let the Lord decide which direction is best to go.  I am going to let the Lord decide when to use the breaks and how much.  I am going to go along for the ride since I know the Lord will keep me safe.




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