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Christmas tree of the United States Capitol sh...

Christmas tree of the United States Capitol shortly after lighting ceremony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find that as time progresses, it is easy for leaders, members, and organizations to lose track of the “why”.  I was thinking about this during some reflecting time in regards to Christmas.  All of us are pretty harried this time of year racing around and trying to get everything completed in time for December 25.  The list of “to-do’s” just seems to get longer.  I find that this can quickly take the joy out of the season and everyone just says, “I can’t wait for Christmas to be over.”  The problem here is that I believe we lose track of the “why” related to Christmas in the midst of all the “have-to’s.”

Losing track of the “why” is not just in regards to Christmas but as I mentioned in my opening sentence, I believe that organizations and those connected to the organizations can quickly lose track of the “why” over time.  Whenever we lose track of this important component, we can lose energy and the passion which was present at the beginning.  So it is important to regularly call to our memory the “why” in an attempt to regain that energy and passion.

Back to the Christmas discussion — The “why” is a celebration to remember that God chose to be incarnate in Jesus.  God chose to be one of us as humans and not just a spiritual reality.  It is to be a celebration of something that is unique to Christians.  This is one claim that only the Christian faith can make.  That is the “why”!



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