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New Year Sunrise

New Year Sunrise (Photo credit: joka2000(on/off))

It is that time of year that we are preparing to close out one year and move to a new year.  This time of year sees a wide range of transitions which take place in the midst of all the Christmas and New Year‘s celebrations.  I was just reading an article about changes in some laws that will occur when the clock strikes midnight on December 31.  College students are moving from one semester to the next.  Some organizations that I work with are also seeing transitions in leadership as a new year arrives.

In the midst of all these transitions, there is a mixture of emotions and at times a list of questions.  Some situations that change bring about sadness because of the potential loss that may accompany the change.  Some bring about the feeling of relief because what has been a burden or problem is going away.  Some transitions bring fear, or at least concern, due to the uncertainty of what the new will bring.  Since we have no idea what will occur in the new year or what will happen when the transitions occur, we may have a whole list of questions that accompany the unknown.

During times of transition, I am often drawn to some level of evaluation in my life.  I take time to look at what is important in my life and what may no longer be important due to changes.  I sometimes find realignment in my life due to transitions and evaluation.  However, I am grateful for the stable and unwavering aspect of my relationship with my Lord.  That relationship provides the foundation for my life.  Because I have such a solid foundation, I am able adapt and adjust my life in the midst of transitions.  I have full confidence of the ongoing presence of the Lord in my life even as other aspects are changing.

So during this time of transition, whether you may experience significant or small transitions, I encourage each of my readers to do some evaluation and ensure that you have a stable and solid foundation in your life.  Then, greet the transitions of your life with great joy and energized anticipation.


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