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GemsYesterday I participated in a Skype conference call.  I am part of a group who is trying to vision the future direction of an organization.  We are using a process that continues to push me outside my comfort zone.  The process is designed so that you spend time in contemplation as you prepare for and while you answer a series of questions.  After everyone has done this independently, the group gathers and each person shares their responses.  There is no discussion while the responses are being shared.  It is a process that I would regularly describe as spinning your wheels.  However, the two phases that we have completed so far has generated some little surprises for me.  I have found that while we are individuals that are scattered across five states, our responses have some common themes and thoughts.  I have also found that while I have concerns as I work on the next phase, by the end of the discussion I see some common directions that our work seems to be taking us.

This has led me to realize that I need to be open to doing activities which on the surface I do not want to do and also to be open to possibilities that I cannot see at the beginning.  I have learned that I have no way of truly knowing what little surprises may occur as I venture into new territory which I may even describe as undesirable for me.  If I would have only done the work of this process half-heartedly or not at all, I would have missed out on the treasures that were hidden from my view.

So all of this reminds me of the importance of being open.  It is so easy to shut down or to say that the proposed method will never work.  Too many leaders and individuals tend to choose not to be open.  Sometimes our structures and our environment make it difficult to be open.  However, we need to constantly be working toward opening ourselves and our structures up to opportunities to try activities or processes that we may not be comfortable with at the start.


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