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Wind_farmThis week has been a week when we have seen a lot of wind power in our area of the country.  Tuesday was an extremely windy day with gusts of 50+ miles per hour wind.  Today is shaping up to be that and some say even more.  I have watched many different objects being blown down the streets and yards.  All of this made me ponder the power that exists but cannot be seen.  There are two examples that come to mind.

The first example of unseen power is one that exists in many organizations.  This is the power that individuals who do not have official titles or offices sometimes own in groups.  They are the ones that usually have quite a bit of history with the organization and a personality that can persuade other individuals.  Many people will listen to what these individuals have to say even though they have no official capacity in the organization.  As a leader, it is vital to identify who falls into this category.  If you are not aware of the person or persons, you can easily get blindsided in regards to decisions that the organization needs to make.

As a believer, the other unseen power that comes to mind is the power of God.  Just as God’s Spirit is not visible to the eye, the power of God is not usually visible to the eye.  Yet this power definitely exists.  In fact, it is the greatest power in all of creation.  The impact of God’s power is definitely visible much like the box that the wind blows down the street.  Often, it is only during a time of reflection upon the past that we are able to truly identify the power of the Spirit.

So as the wind blows and impacts us once again, I encourage you to consider the unseen power in your life.


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  1. that is why prayer is so important

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