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One of the struggles that I face is that sometimes the noise of my life seems so overwhelming.  I think that I am like many others living in a very busy world.  There seems to be so much busyness around me.  There seems to be so many people wanting to tell me something or wanting to ask me something.  This is how our world has become.  With the various methods of communication available to us these days, there seems to be voices around us almost twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  The struggle in all of this is that with all this “noise”, it can be difficult to hear the voice that is inside.

I am becoming aware of the great need to give space to the voice inside myself.  I find that there are times that this voice almost screams to be heard.  As a believer, I believe this voice is the voice of the Spirit.  It is the voice that became a part of me when the Lord claimed me as a child.  It is the voice that brings with it guidance based on who I am.  It is the voice that speaks to me as the unique person I have been created to be.

When I fail to provide opportunity to listen to the voice, I find the result is confusion.  I am left with only the many outside voices that have differing opinions and suggestions.  I am left with the outside voices that can often be so contradicting.  I need to listen for that voice within me.  I need to follow that voice within me.  Because that voice within me is the voice of the Spirit.

Now I am not advocating ignoring the voices of others.  Sometimes the Spirit chooses to speak and guide through the voices of others in our lives.  What I am stating is that those voices without the voice within me creates an unbalance.  So I am going to strive today for balance.  I am going to work at making space for the voice inside me.  I am going to strive to listen to the Spirit.



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  1. Even if there is no sound, the busyness is noise. Sometimes the nothing speaks. Any meditator will say that, of course, but I’ve given myself permission to skip traditional meditation methods because sometimes they get in the way for me!

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