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I have been giving thought lately about the various lives that I have the privilege of interacting in each day.  Some of these interactions are planned, some are expected, and some are completely unexpected.  These interactions range from business related to personal.  The length of time of each interaction also varies.  When I take inventory of one day’s interactions, I am often amazed at the number.  Being an extrovert in most situations, I am not sure if the number of interactions is high or just the norm.

Today, I decided that I needed to make a new commitment in regards to these interactions.  The new commitment that I have chosen to make is that I will strive to make sure at least one of these individuals would feel built up because of her/his interaction with me.  This will require from me the time to gain understanding into what is happening in the person’s life so that I can do something to build the person up.

Now, on the surface this seems to be a bit trivial.  However, it is like the folk store about the man who was on the beach and was throwing starfish who had become stranded on the beach back into the water.  A person came along and asked the man what he was doing.  When the man explained, the person said it was a worthless cause because the number of starfish which washed up was many and as soon as one was thrown back in, another would wash up.  So the man’s cause didn’t seem to matter.  But the man said that it mattered to the one that he threw back in.

So the effort isn’t trivial and it does matter.  At least it matters to the one person a day that I try to build up.  I can’t help to think that if more people made this effort, it would matter to more people; more lives would be built up.  So why not give it a try.  Just one person a day.


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  1. It’s far from trivial. I find that often, just not seeming to be passive in an interaction is enough to show people they are valued. Just actively and pleasantly engaging is often enough; think back to the last time you were overburdened and one simple conversation about something unrelated was enough to make the world seem better, even if it was just the only one you had had lately that didn’t seem to be a downer. When the opportunity to actually empower someone or lift his spirits comes around, that’s a bonus.

    I’ve used and heard the starfish story many times. I’d like to find another one to use just because so many people have heard it, but I’ve never found a better one.

    And may I say I have always looked forward to interacting with you simply because it’s always positive!

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