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Alright, I am sure that when you first read the title of this post, you automatically went to the notion that I would be talking about love.  If you did, you are partially correct.  However, I am not thinking about romantic love or sexual behavior.  Instead, I am thinking about passion in life.  I am becoming convinced that each of has a passion or two which could easily drive our lives.  Each of us has something that causes us to have a feeling of exhilaration.  Unfortunately, many of us fail to  move towards our passion.

I am not quite sure when exactly it sets in with most of us, but there is some point in our lives that we become overly practical.  Often we refer to it as a Puritan work ethic.  In the Midwest we describe it as a Midwest sensibility.  I think it originated out of a survival need when this part of the country was a new discovery and there were boundless hardships that could easily cut one’s life short.  Whatever the cause and whenever the specific point in a person’s life occurs, many of us opt for practicality over passion.  Now I could list a whole set of reasons why even today when the threat of eminent death is not as large as it used to be, we continue to move toward practical decisions.  Many of you would fully agree and support my list.  However, I think that it is getting more difficult to give full support to the list and it may even be becoming detrimental.

If you are a person that pays attention to statistics (By the way, statistics can often say whatever you want them to say.  You just have to pick the right set of statistics.), you know that over the last fifty years there has been a great reduction in the number of people who have high job satisfaction and an also high number of people who claim life dissatisfaction.  There truly are a lot of influences at work in these numbers but I want to propose today that one of the most impactful reasons is a loss of passion.  People are working and living in situations that do not speak to their passion.  They have very practical reasons for this and some reasons that are not in their control.  Whatever the reason, one of the observations that I have made is that if you do not have passion for what you are doing, you can still do it but there is little satisfaction that you obtain from it.

So I want to propose this day that it is becoming more important to me to find my passion and to make all efforts to pursue it.  This sounds simple enough but after years of being programmed to be practical, determining my passion can be a bit of a struggle.  I want to say that passion and practicality do not need to be exclusive from one another.  I do believe that it is very important for me to find a balance between the two of them.  I also am believing that if I am going to place an emphasis in one direction over the other it is going to have to start to be towards passion.  No one can tell me what my passion needs to be.  Instead, I must discover it and then follow that passion.

Are you living your passion?  If not, what would it take to get you there?  If so, what is that passion and how do you pursue it?


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  1. Good one!
    PS–I have no idea how to get rid of the gravatar or reset it, but the hung-over guy it wants to post is not me.

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