What Do You Offer?   1 comment

Image provided by edelman.com

Image provided by edelman.com

Individuals who are contemplating starting a new business have to consider what their business is going to offer.  So they may do some market research in their area and compare that to what they feel they are capable of providing before making a concrete business plan.  Companies that have been in existence over a period of time often arrive at a time when they must evaluate if what they are offering to the general public is something that remains of value or if they need to adjust and offer something new.

Now I am not one that believes that the church should operate identical to a business.  In fact, I see a whole variety of flaws in this type of thinking and approach.  The church is not a business and using all business practices in a church setting leaves out space for the Holy Spirit.  However, there are some aspects of business behavior that can shine some light on the decisions and activities of the church.

One place that I find might be helpful for the church to adopt some business-like approach is in regards to what we have to offer the general population.  The easy answer to that is that we have God, as known through Jesus Christ, as the item that we have to offer.  However, I am not always convince that many churches actually do offer that to people.  I also think that the ones that attempt to offer God to the people need to re-evaluate their methods for doing such offering.  Sometimes I feel that the church offers their human concepts and approaches much more than they ever do God’s.  At other times, I find the offering of God to be according to the church’s interpretation of God and how they feel God should behave.

I am finding it more and more important to realize that God does not have to be offered by the church.  I strongly believe that God does a perfectly fine job of marketing and presenting God’s self to the world.  Instead, I feel the church should be offering opportunities for people to explore and discover God.  Exploration means that we do not define or judge a person’s discoveries but instead, we provide support for them along the path.  We cut down the branches and move the boulders so that they can safely journey toward God.  Along the way, we demonstrate that love of God which provides the nourishment and encouragement necessary on what can easily become a difficult journey.

So I would have to say that I do not believe the answer to the question that headlines this post is GOD, but instead it should be a partner on the journey to discover God.


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