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There are times that I feel I am on a never-ending quest.  This quest started before I was even aware that it existed.  I have a feeling that this quest will continue until the day I take my last breath.  The quest of which I speak is the quest for answers.  It is a quest that I know I am not on alone.  I am confident that there are millions of other people on this same quest.  This quest can be very energizing and yet at the same time, it can be very exhausting.  This quest contains much joy but still is filled with frustration.  This quest is what drives scientists, religious scholars, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, leaders, and almost every human that I know.  Everyone seems to be seeking answers.

One of the amazing aspects of this search for answers is that there are so many questions.  The questions are based on our perspective, our experiences, and our current circumstances.  In fact, part of the search is a search for the “right” questions.  It is impossible to find answers when we do not even know the question.  So our quest begins with determining the question which we desire to have answered.

Another amazing reality on this quest is that there are so many sources trying to provide us with “the” answer.  There are ancient writings and contemporary discoveries.  There are experts from every venue to offer us input.  There are books, podcasts, articles, television programs, TED Talks, and the internet.  In fact, there is so much input that often it seems even more difficult to find answers because sorting through all the data just creates confusion.

I must confess, there are times I wish that someone (preferably the Lord) would just give all the answers to all the questions and I could be done with the quest.  However, that is not how the world has been designed.  When God created us, God chose to give to us an inquisitive mind.  God placed the first question in our thoughts and much like a flower opening to the sunlight, we continue to blossom with answers and new questions.

So the search continues.  I have learned that I must accept that for every answer I think I find, there will be at least three more questions that come from that discover.  I have learned that this quest for answers is the force that moves life.  I have accepted that there will be energy, exhaustion, joy and frustration which I will experience on the quest.  I am grateful that I make this journey not alone but with other humans and, most importantly, with my Lord.


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