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Image from hddesktopbackgrounds. us

Image from hddesktopbackgrounds. us

The last week has been just a complete whirlwind for me.  This may seem evident since I  have not posted in over a week.  Last Monday I traveled to St Louis for a conference.  The trip was relatively uneventful and had some fun aspects to it.  The conference ended on Wednesday and I left to make a long, unplanned trip to central Nebraska.  Being in the car for over nine hours is not something that I want to do frequently.  Then it was back to my home location on Thursday.  Friday was my only day in the office (although I did work all of Saturday morning) and so it was definitely a day of “catch up.”  The busyness continued into the first part of this week.  I would have to say that this is the first “calm” day in my office.

Last week caused me to ponder the true meaning of Sabbath.  Traditionally, Sabbath is considered the one day each week when we are to relax and not do work.  This follows a pattern set by God and affirmed by God in what we know as the Ten Commandments.  However, many of us find it very difficult to set aside a specific day every week for Sabbath.  Life seems to have so many demands that we often are always on the run.  So we often feel guilty that we do not honor God’s commandment of keeping the Sabbath.  I would caution us not to let the guilt overwhelm us.  Especially since the guilt does not seem to lead us to change behavior.

In my devotions this morning, one part of a passage that I am reading throughout this week actually reminded me that the concept of Sabbath is far more important than the “day” of Sabbath.  The passage I was reading was John 9:1-41.  Jesus heals a blind man on the Sabbath which causes some Jewish leaders to label him as evil.  It is clear to me that Jesus was more interested in caring for the blind man than he was about honoring the day of Sabbath.  People always came first in Jesus’ life.

So I am convinced that the day of Sabbath is not nearly as important as the concept of Sabbath.  The concept of Sabbath is to take a break.  It is an opportunity to quiet the whirlwind which we call life and to spend time focusing on people, relationships, and our relationship with the Lord.  Each person has their own way of relaxing and creating calm in their life.  The key is to make sure that you are consistently taking Sabbath and benefiting from stopping the whirlwind even for a short period of time.  God knew that we could not keep up a crazy pace of life and so God modeled and then instructed us to find some calm.

I am going to work hard on honoring Sabbath in my life, I hope you will do the same.


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