Little Surprises   1 comment

Image provided by  Original by Charles Schulz

Image provided by Original by Charles Schulz

Each day contains little surprises, the question is am I alert enough to see them.  Surprises are on my mind this week because yesterday I received news that was a great big surprise to me and as I think about this Sunday being Easter, I think about the surprises that we will celebrate.

Surprises can obviously be small or large.  I do well with noticing the big surprises but I cannot say I always do well noticing the small surprises.  These surprises occur each and every day but generally go undetected by me.  They may be the arrival of a new green plant on a spring morning.  Or the surprise might be having the privilege of watching one of God’s creatures as they go about their activities.  There actually are a lot of little surprises that the Lord places in each day.

This week as I participate in the activities of Holy Week.  I am going to try to pay special attention to the little surprises of each day.  These little surprises will move me closer to appreciating the bigger surprise that we will celebrate on Sunday when we hear declared, “He has risen!  He has risen indeed!”



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  1. Sounds like a sermon for Maundy Thursday…..

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