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This past weekend all believers in Christ celebrated the reality of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  For believers, this is also a reminder that we are given the opportunity to be resurrected.  When we think of this concept, first it is hard to grasp, second we usually apply it to the physical reality of our humanness.  However, I think that there is more hope that can be found in this concept of resurrection.  I think that Jesus was not only offering a resurrection of our human form and spirit, but I also think that Jesus was offering a resurrection of how we live.

Today, I received word that a project which I have worked with some outstanding colleagues on has come to the brick wall of institutionalism.  We had discussed that the project that we were working upon would meet some level of resistance.  In fact, many of us frequently raised the fear that we may have invested time, energy, personal reflection, and dreaming only to be shot down by the institutional power in the end.  I was hoping that these fears were unwarranted.  However, the legalistic nature of the institution has reared its head and is trying to undo the creative solutions that we are prepared to propose.

All of this has led me to ask the question, “Can we truly break  the bonds of our structures to attempt creative approaches in a new environment?”  This question leads me back to Easter morning.  On Easter morning we celebrate the reality that Jesus broke the bonds of human existence by raising from death into life.  This is what gives me hope.  Even Jesus has the power to overcome these bonds and has given us the same power, then I am convinced that even the bonds of structure within an institution can be overcome.  I do not have a clear path on the “how” in my mind but I am confident that the group of which I am a part will be able to find the “how” and we will succeed.

Easter tells me that the bonds can be broken.  Now I must have faith that it will and does happen.


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