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This morning when I first got to my office and opened the window, there were birds making songs outside.  I know that if I looked at this from purely I scientific point of view it would result in me identifying that the sounds they are making are not really songs but instead ways for them to warn, to defend and to encourage mating.  However, I much prefer to holding on to the concept that they are making beautiful music.  Why?  Because for me, I find some peace and serenity in hearing their song.

Life can get pretty chaotic at times.  Dealing with life’s realities can become very overwhelming at times.  So it is important to search out ways in which we can gain some peace and serenity in life.  Notice that I said ways and not way.  The reason that I used the plural is because I do not believe that we can or should settle on just one way to obtain peace and serenity.  We need multiple ways because not always will the same way work or be available when we need it.

So for me today, it is the song of the bird that brings a little peace and serenity to my life.  The bird’s song requires me to focus on it and to disconnect from all the other noise cluttering my world.  The song is uplifting.  The song makes me think of warmth and the new life of spring.  The song speaks to me by saying, “It’s alright.”

Listen for the birds.  Listen for their songs.  Find your own ways to obtain peace and serenity this day.


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