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Honor FlightI had the honor and the privilege of serving as a guardian on my father’s honor flight this past weekend.  In addition to the great joy I obtained from accompanying my dad on his first-ever trip to Washington, D.C., I had the joy of serving as guardian to two other Korean War veterans.  The day was filled with activity and I truly came home exhausted but it was a very moving day for me as well.

I have been to Washington, D.C., a number of times.  This is one of my favorite cities to visit.  Maybe it is because of the history buff that is a part of who I am.  Maybe it is because of the many historical and memorial sites that there are to see.  Probably it is a combination of both.  However, this trip provided an experience that none of the other very moving and meaningful trips to D.C. has provided.  What I found to be truly amazing this time was the type of response that this group of veterans, mainly from the Korean War but also a few from World War II, elicited in people.

The first major response occurred as we left the jetway of our plane.  From the door into the terminal to the door leading to our buses (about 3 city blocks in length), there were people lined up to greet these men and women.  They received hugs, handshakes, and most importantly words of thanks from every person along the path.  There were people of all ages in this greeting party.  There were boy scouts, girl scouts, military cadets, veterans, and average citizens lining the walk.  I watched with great joy as the veterans responded to these greetings with amazement and great happiness.

However, it did not end when we left the airport.  Everywhere that we went, people would walk up to one of these veterans and express their gratitude for their service to our country.  Some would have tears in their eyes.  Others would give hugs and kisses.  Still others would do it with a simple handshake and kind words.

When we arrived back home, there was a huge crowd to greet us late at night.  They stood on the tarmac and cheered loudly as each veteran walked down the steps from the plane and had their name announced with the greeting, “Welcome home……”  There was another military honor guard that met us and created a walking path of honor for the veterans to move toward the terminal.

As I watched and listened to all of this, I was awestruck.  I realized that this was the welcome home and the words of thanks that each and every veteran deserves.  Some of the people would tell the veteran that this is what they should have and did not always receive when they first returned home from the war.

So to my dad, and to each veteran who has served both in periods of conflict and periods of peace, I say THANK YOU!


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  1. What an honor and a blessing to be a part of this wonderful program! And such a special joy to accompany your own father. I so wanted to do something like this for my own dad, but did not have the opportunity. I am very thankful you DID IT. Thank you for sharing a little of all you experienced.

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