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Today is the day after Memorial Day.  Many people consider Memorial Day as the official starting point of summer.  While it may not be the meteorological or astronomical start of summer, it is when most people change their focus into a new season.  It used to be that schools were finished for the summer by the time Memorial Day arrived.  Today, that is not the case since most schools are going into June and others have adopted a year-round calendar.  Whatever the details and changed realities, I always look at Memorial Day as a marking place in the cycle of life and I am one of those that view its arrival as a declaration of the start of summer.

One of the exercises that I do in my personal and professional life is to use these marking places as a time to reflect.  I like to reflect on where I have been and where I think I may be going.  I find value in doing this exercise because it gives me opportunity to celebrate the unexpected along the path of life.  It also allows me to do course adjustments as I move into the next phase of life.

Whether you use milestones of seasons or other milestones, I believe it is important to regularly do reflection on the course of your life both personally and professionally.  If we “stay on course no matter what,” we have a tendency to miss opportunities and lose out on chances for growth.  We also are deprived of chances to celebrate and experience the joy that comes from acknowledging our achievements over the course of life.  We may fail to experience new paths which will take us to even higher levels of success.

So as I mark another milestone and shift of seasons, I encourage you to find your milestones that lead you to reflect upon and redirect your life and the organizations with which you work.


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