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In our lives, we engage in a variety of conversations and receive information from many different sources.  The period of time in which we live is characterized with endless threads of information from television, internet, talk shows, speakers, and printed materials.  If you are able to manage your way through the rivers of information, you can easily become skeptical because often the information conflicts.  These conflicts arise when a person hears from different sources on the same subject.  It is very easy to become skeptical and dismiss almost all information that you receive unless you have first-hand involvement in the events or situation.

For me, this raises the importance of doing my own research and study.  I believe that we were created with a very inquisitive mind for a reason.  Humans were given intelligence in order that a person learns, discovers, and comes to observations by making an effort to gather information from various sources.  Unfortunately, too many people do not desire to spend the time looking into matters and weighing the source of the information.  Too many hear something on the radio, read something in an article, or hear someone speak and accept it as accurate and reliable information.  There are many cases when this is true and totally acceptable.  However, history shows us that there are unfortunately many times when people have been deceived, the information has been inaccurate, and individuals and/or the world have suffered.

So all of this leads me to put out a warning.  Keep listening and reading but do so with some level of caution.  Take the information that you are receiving and do some research on your own so that you know if you accept something as truth it is because you have gathered input from a variety of sources and come to the conclusion on your own.  For me, this applies to everything from politics to world events to religion.  Spend the time to verify that what you are hearing and receiving is accurate before passing the information along.  Also, be prepared to be corrected or revise your opinions based upon new information which may be obtained.  No one knows it all and everyone is able to make mistakes.



3 responses to “Listen With Caution

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  1. May I add that social media make this problem worse by at least an order of magnitude. People “hear” (see and read in real time) some post and react to it with no thought of checking the facts or the interpretation give the facts by the poster. We no longer think we have the benefit of context, body language, tone or eye contact with the understanding it can bring. Unless we give ourselves those benefits by checking the facts. Well said!

  2. I don’t know where that emoticon or thumbnail came from, but I disown it. See, that wasn’t a real fact!

  3. Oh my goodness. This is all so very true. One should never believe everything that is printed or spoken as truth. Researching is so very important. You owe it to yourself to do that.

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