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Image provided by www.webgl.com

Image provided by http://www.webgl.com

It has been a combination of whirlwind weeks over the last couple of weeks.  I have had some travel, some retreat time, and now am preparing for a couple of weeks of vacation time.  There have been some unexpected events in my personal life over the last couple of weeks which always adds a little chaos.  However, I have survived the craziness and busyness and now will be preparing for some time of relaxation at one of my favorite locations.

So how do you survive the whirlwinds of your life?  I have found that a helpful survival tool is to take each day as it comes.  If I allow my self to get caught up in all the craziness and start stressing over what may lie ahead, I can easily lose track of where I am and what I need to accomplish.  While I always keep an eye on what is coming my way, I become very methodical about how approach the day and strive to live in the day.  Once I complete whatever tasks or commitments I have in a specific day, then I can look a little ahead and see if there are pieces that I can accomplish which will make me better prepared for the next day or two.  But above all, I live in the day.

I would be interested in hearing from my readers regarding how they manage the whirlwinds in their lives.

Since I will be on vacation until August 17, I am not sure how much posting I may or may not do.  So be sure to check back and I promise to return to regular posts after the 17th.


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