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This morning during my devotional time, I read the story of a Taiwanese man who felt he was being called into the ministry.  However, his father, who was a businessman, wanted him to go into a more practical direction and join him in business.  The young man majored in accounting in college and struggled with his school work.  He made the statement, “my heart just wasn’t in it.”  After completing his mandatory year of military service, his father told him to take the seminary entrance exam which he did and successfully enrolled in seminary.

The key for the young man in the story was the opportunity to follow his heart.  I find this as something that is always a challenge for me since I have generally always been a practical person.  There is value in being practical.  However, like the young man in the story, I can name times when in taking the practical road I struggled because my heart just was not in it.  There is something to be said regarding having the passion for whatever you are doing.  Being passionate about aspects of life goes a long ways in creating peace and happiness in your life.

So from my devotion today, and reflecting on that story, I would encourage all of you to follow your heart.  Find your passion for this time in your life and strive to take that path, even if it may appear impractical at the time.


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