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Image provided by sodahead.com

Image provided by sodahead.com

We are living once again in a time of great unsettlement in the world.  There are so many uncertainties as countries and factions continue to clash.  Who knows what will happen in the Ukraine?  Is Russia starting to return to behaviors as we saw before and during the Cold War?  Will the ceasefire hold in Gaza?  Will ISIS be brought under control in the Middle East?  Are the tensions between China and Japan going to lessen?  Who will demonstrate leadership in the world?

During unsettling times such as these, I am grateful for my faith.  I know that these situations are only temporary.  I believe that overcoming all of these things has already been secured by the Lord.  This belief gives me strength to face each day not with fear but with confidence.  I know and realize that life as I experience it now is not perfect; there will be hardships and struggles.  However, I also know that my future lies in the reality where all of these challenges and pains will be removed.

So my prayer for each of you is that you will weather these latest times of uncertainty with confidence found from your faith.


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  1. Just last night I was thinking about the long view.

    Those of us in the working primes of our lives were born into a world where the US was a dominant power, we believed we had a lock on righteousness and wisdom, traditional religiosity was accepted and encouraged, and we could hide from all problems except nuclear weapons, to which we of course overreacted and generally did not seek alternative ways of thinking.

    Our parents and grandparents knew a world in which the US was a second- or third-rate military power, people died young of diseases we now cure with a pill, our beliefs were the only important beliefs in the world, church was a gift not a given, food was not a given, and shelter was not a given. And in our cozy cocoons, we did not have to think much about responsibilities to our neighbors. We needed and used faith back then, but we have convinced ourselves that it’s all smooth sailing since World War II.

    We can regain thoughtful, everyday faith that sustains us, but only if we work at it.

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