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If you have ever had the opportunity to spend significant time with a person from a different culture, it can truly be a perspective changing experience.  I have had a few of these great opportunities in my life so far.  Both last year and this year, I have had the privilege of serving as a host to young men from a European country.  Each of the young men have lived with me (one is currently living in my home).  It is a great delight for me to hear about their native countries and to have them share their perspectives on life in this country, the events of the world, and upon life in general.  These young men are truly amazing individuals and have helped me to grow.

I was thinking this morning what a great value it is to at times look through the eyes of others. I find that it is very easy for me to view life from only my perspective.  When I do this, I have a limited understanding of life and individuals that I encounter.  I easily become judgmental and make judgments quickly.  It is only when I try to understand life from a different angle that I am able to be more open, understanding, and caring.  When you realize that not everyone experiences life exactly like you experience it, you are open to new possibilities.  You also gain the ability to have empathy.  You may still not agree with the other person’s perspective but you can at least have a greater understanding of the basis of that perspective and can respect where it comes from.

My challenge for you this week is try to look at life through someone else’s eyes.  You may discover a much different world.


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