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One of the difficulties that I think people have is that they often look at situations as only having one path to a solution.  When you have that mindset, you can easily struggle to overcome obstacles.  What I have come to discover is that there is, more often than not, multiple pathways to a solution.  When you open yourself to a variety of pathways, then it is much easier to find success.

In order to identify multiple paths however, you must be able to step back a bit from whatever is occurring.  This requires you to take time.  You have to make the time to deliberately disengage from the situation.  During this period of disengagement, you have to try to reduce emotions.  It is also very important not to jump to conclusions or solutions.  You may even have to do some dreaming or creative thinking.  When you commit to actually doing these things, you will often be amazed by how many pathways might become visible.

So I encourage everyone to look for the different paths which are open to you this day.  Remember, there is usually always more than one.


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